The Taste of Chicago is back with another year of delicious food from over 30 food truck vendors and awesome music to listen to while you indulge!

If you're a Foodie, this is the place to be this Summer.  Taste of Chicago offers you a taste from some of the best Chicago restaurants in town and fun activities to keep the entire family entertained.  Over 3 days, you'll hear music from some incredible musicians at Grant Park.


World’s largest free-admission outdoor food festival at Grant Park.

Not only food trucks, but some restaurants set up their pop-up tents so you don't have to travel so far to taste their dishes!

If you go all 3 days (July 8th, 9th, and 10th), you'll get the chance to taste EVERY VENDOR... sounds like a food coma to me.  I wouldn't be complaining, though.

Bring extra cash because even though the admission is free, food and beverage tickets are a little more.  For full size dishes you get strips of 14 tickets/$10.

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All vendors also have sampler portions which cost $3 or less per ticket.  Now that's a pretty good deal!

Taste of Chicago has nightly concerts at the Petrillo Music Shell, too! You can sit on the lawn for absolutely FREE or buy tickets at the outdoor amphitheater.  There are 3 stages you can choose from to vibe at all night long!

This year's music lineup hasn't been revealed yet, but past headliners include Billy Idol, Jennifer Hudson, The Roots, and more.  I'm excited to see who's performing this Summer!

There will be so much to do for your kiddos, too.  Bounce houses anybody?  This will definitely get yours kids' attention so you can both have a great time at the festival grounds while filling your bellies with nothing but scrumptious food.

The Taste of Chicago will be held at Grant Park337 E. Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60601.  To find more information about this festival visit their website!

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