Everyone loves to start the new year encouraged and empowered right?!  Ladies, one's for you-Project You Women's Conference is happening in January and you're invited.



Project YOU was founded by Jennifer Keller of Owensboro.  It was created by the Red Bird Press;

Red Bird Press is a company created in faith and courage to impact the movement of helping women design their best life. By guiding their routines and habits to compound for them not against. Allowing space to become your best YOU!

Project YOU helps women to bring their lives together in one central place.  Here's the description from the Red Bird Press;

Project YOU is a guide designed to bring forth the LIGHT of each woman: allowing the opportunity to bring out the beautiful light and GOOD already there! With clarity and focus on aspects that are proven to recalibrate and create a broader mental bandwidth, we believe women of all walks can create space to become their best YET! This project is the most important one a woman can commit to! When we are operating at our BEST we then have the capacity and space to give our best to others. God gave all of us our own unique and precious gifts, let’s honor that by putting our best foot forward each and everyday!

Jennifer has the vision to empower other women and help them be their best selves.  She has one of the most amazing life journies which has given her the desire to see others succeed.


Being surrounded by other women who are ready to create their own destinies sounds amazing right?  The Project YOU will be a day where women can come together and be poured into and pour into others.  Multiple guest speakers will take the platform to educate, encourage, and bring sunshine to the White Chateau here in Owensboro.

Here's how Jen describes the Project YOU Conference;

Project YOU is an Empowerment Conference designed for women. My goal is for women to have a space to start and really reflect on who they want to become and what they want to achieve this year. But also have tools and resources to sustain that feeling and those goals. So many times people start the new year with the best intentions and lose steam and sight of the goal and then the belief or confidence that they can! The conference has two options for tickets. VIP- social night before with all speakers, preferred seating, special gift General Admin Every women gets a Project YOU book:) My keynote speaker is coming in from Denver. Check out the line up of speakers on our Instagram. Powerhouse!!!! Whoop!!!! The Project YOU book was designed with spiritual and scientific inspirations and backing. My hope is that women will have healthier lives because of it. Healthier mentally, spiritually and physically!

We had the opportunity to talk with Jen about Project YOU and the conference on the morning show;

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