Erin Roby has been putting her life on the frontline to help others for over 20 years. She works endless hours at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital to save lives. It's our pleasure to honor her during National Nurses Week. #HERO

Erin Roby

This week we are honoring the best and brightest nurses in the tri-state, based on your nominations. Shouldn't we all thank a nurse that impacts our community every single day and in the most important way? Here at WOMI, we say yes. Yes we should! We've teamed up with Madisonville Garage Doors to do just that.

"Erin has been a nurse for over twenty years and I have never seen anyone as dedicated and passionate about their job. She is a nurse manager and works endless hours even into the night when she comes home and on her days off. We are so blessed to have nurses like this in our community who are called to this profession and take pride in where they work. We, her family, have to often give up our time that we would love to spend with her so that she can take care of you. We love you Erin and thank God for men and woman like you." -Your Family

Thank you Erin for working around the clock to save the lives of your patients. We appreciate your dedicated service!

Honoring Hardworking Nurses in the Tri-state - Nominations

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