Moments ago, the announcement was made official. Escape Today will have a new home in Downtown Owensboro.

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We knew this dream would more than likely become a reality for David and Max, the owners of Escape Today, but it's finally official. They have some big things planned for the added space that this new location will provide. They will be moving into the old Barnaby's and Hutch's Billiards locations off 2nd Street. They have plans to make this a complete entertainment destination, with a brewery opening at the first of the year.

I had the chance to chat with David moments ago. He said, "Things are going well and the Ax Throwing Room will be ready, in the new location, by next weekend. The Escape Room is planned to be open by Thanksgiving. That's the plan as of right now. The brewery will hopefully be brewing, by January 2020 if all goes well".

David Haynes, made the announcement moments ago on his Facebook page.

"It's finally real. These keys represent 3 years of hard work and an especially difficult past two months. In 3 years we've taken Escape Today from 2 escape rooms to: 18 escape rooms, Ax Throwing, Rage Rooms, a "Beercade" with 40 arcade machines on free play mode, and.....a brewery coming soon! We'll be closing up our current location on Halloween (exactly 3 years to the day we opened in 2016) and heading to a complex that is quite literally 5x our current size. We can't wait."

A little over a month ago this announcement was made on the Escape Today Facebook page:

Escape Today

The WBKR crew tried to escape when they opened in 2016. It's safe to say that we didn't quite make it in time. We were close, but close doesn't count. We did have so much fun. We'll need to go back once they get everything completed at their new location.

WBKR Crew at Escape Today