The Better Business Bureau have received reports of a tech support scam targeting the area. Here's how to protect yourself.

The BBB has recieved several reports from Evansville area residents who were contacted by people posing as tech support specialists, but are in fact scammers.  One local woman reported that she received an automated voicemail from a company called "V Tech" saying the antivirus software on her computer wasn't working, and they'd update it for $399!  Luckily she reported the call to the BBB and wasn't charged.

The BBB says that if you recieve a phone call from someone who claims to be from your computer company, or they offer to fix your computer/phone/ router, it's best to hang up as no reputable computer repair company will reach out to you out of the blue.  The also recommend if your computer needs work, call a trustworthy specialist in your area.

Here's tips from the BBB if you get one of these phone calls:

- Don’t allow anyone to gain remote access to your device.

- Be weary of out-of-the-blue phone calls

- Don’t click on pop up ads telling you your computer needs repair.


If you have fallen victim to this scam, the BBB recommends contacting your bank immediately, and tell them what happened. Take your device to a reputable computer repair shop and have them look at it.  Change your passwords (especially bank passwords) ASAP, and report it to the BBB's Scam Tracker by clicking here.  If you'd like more information visit or call their office at 812 473-0202.

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