Yesterday, I saw a post on Facebook and the person commented, "Times, they are a changin'." Fast-forward to today when I saw the below post on Twitter, and those words popped out to me like someone had just slapped me across the face.

A popular Evansville church, Christian Fellowship Church, tweeted out that they will be hosting a swim party/baptism this August. I grew up in a traditionally structured religious organization and I highly doubt a baptism/swim party would ever be considered but after pondering a moment I thought, shut the front door, this is brilliant! The whole idea of being "saved" SHOULD be celebrated and since you are in water anyway... why not?!

The event will be at Burdette Park on August 7th but if you would like to baptized at event, sign up for their next Baptism Class on July 19 and 26 to prepare. For more information and to register, visit Anyone is welcome to come for the dessert pitch-in at 6, then stay for the baptism celebration followed by the pool party.