We'd already learned that CPR will now be a requirement in Kentucky schools, and now we know the nature of the rest of the more than 90 new laws that were recently passed in the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly.

A few of the highlights include House Bill 316 which will require a clear definition of bullying; a law that will increase felony convictions for DUI by allowing courts to expand the scope of how far they look back for prior convictions; House Bill 132 which will make it illegal to require payment to have a mugshot removed from public view on the Internet or in print; House Bill 162 add electronic communications to current harassment statutes if those communications are intended to alarm, intimidate, annoy, or, yes, harass another individual.

There are also laws that, if you just glance at them, will raise eyebrows because they're about hair braiding and zip lines.

The Assembly, indeed, covered everything.

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