Last week, we were saddened to learn that three-year-old Oliver Dill from Evansville passed away unexpectedly. On Thursday we reported that a Go Fund Me was set up to help his family for funeral costs - something they never imagined they'd need.

Throughout the weekend, hundreds of people have donated to the page raising almost $9,000 and have left countless comments for support for the family. The page was updated this morning with the following message from the fundraiser's creator Ashley Nanninga:

Thank you once again to everyone who has shared, donated, and prayed. We have raised nearly $8,700 for the Dill family. The fundraiser will remain open until Wednesday. Any money raised that does not go to Ollie's funeral will be donated to USI's Children's Learning Center.

I connected with Jamie this morning. I asked about Andy - he is struggling. Please pray that he finds the ability to forgive himself and the ability to receive the forgiveness from others. She made it clear that it is going to be a long road of recovery. She said that she keeps reminding him that he is needed, that he is loved, and that she forgives him. 

I wanted to thank a few others that Jamie has mentioned as well. Lubberdubbers and LulaRoe have provided clothing for the service on Wednesday and Alexander Funeral Home East has been very accommodating. 

I am beginning to get a few other resources together for the Dills as they move forward. If you know of or have connections to lawn care services, cleaning services, or any day to day service (hair cuts, gas cards, grocery cards, etc.) please email me at I am not sure when Andy will be able to return to work and everyone needs to focus on healing. I'd love to lift that burden from them if at all possible. 

Previously, the page had posted this message: On Tuesday,  July 9th, the unspeakable happened to one of the most wonderful families I know.  With the loss of their sweet Oliver came the public spotlight and judgement. NO ONE should have to grieve the loss of a child no matter the circumstance. They have experienced loss, ridicule, hatred, anger, and deep deep sorrow.  They are grieving the loss of a precious little person while also being thrown into the media spotlight. What they need now more than anything is LOVE.  Please take a moment to consider showing the Dill family love and support through your donation.

Oliver's mom Jaime responded on Facebook, "We appreciate it beyond words. I can't explain how much your support is appreciated."

I personally can't imagine the loss and pain they are feeling. Losing a child must be one of the most excruciatingly difficult things a parent can go through. It's times like these that our community is so good at coming together and rallying around those who are in need. If you have a few extra bucks, consider helping out this family on the worst day of their lives. For information about little Oliver's funeral, click here. 

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