The best selfie EVER!  In fact, if I was making a family Christmas card this year, this would be the cover of it!  Jeff Bruce (from Evansville) took his family down to Nashville for the 2015 CMA Awards.  And you'll never guess who they ran into outside!  Yep!  Justin Timberlake.  And he posed for a selfie with the whole family. 

Photo by Justin Timberlake
Photo by Justin Timberlake

You can't see Jeff in the photo, but that's his daughter Megan sitting on his shoulders.  Next to her is Jeff's son, AJ, who's got the "big cheese on his face" according to his dad.  LOL!  His daughter Emily is on the front row (second from the left) sandwiched between her friend Kaylor (3rd from left) and the kind stranger who let them in the photo. Of course, you recognize Justin Timberlake, who actually took the photo!

According to Jeff, Justin was "SO COOL!"  Apparently, he even gave them instructions on how to quickly snap a selfie.  He told the family, "You don't need to set it up for a selfie.  Just have it on camera and then press the 'volume up' button and that'll snap the picture quicker."  And, we have a feeling Emily will never wash her phone, because Justin used HER PHONE to take the photo!!!

Oh, and speaking of Emily, Justin Timberlake's not the only star she got a selfie with that night.


Yep!  That's Keith Urban.  And check this one out . . .


That's Luke Bryan!!  According to Jeff, "I suggested that we find the Red Carpet and check that out.  Megan asked me to put her on my shoulders.  At that point, she was a draw for the artists and celebrities to reach out for her.  Luke Bryan reached up, took her hand and said, "Hello, Sweetheart!  Are you havin' a good time?"  Well, as you can see by the photo, Megan was having a great time.  According to her dad, she was shaking!

In addition to meeting Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban and Luke Bryan, the family met Sam Hunt, Brantley Gilbert and Steven Tyler!  As Jeff put it, "I made the greatest memories with my kids that day and night.  It was AWESOME!"

And making it even more awesome, they brought home a remarkable souvenir.


That's a Justin/Chris Stapleton guitar pick (I know!  I'm jealous too).  Justin actually gave that to Megan. Jeff and his family had the privilege of watching the rehearsal of what would be one of the most epic and amazing live performances in the history of awards shows.

Jeff summed the moment up perfectly, "We witnessed the magic between Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake.  We will NEVER forget it."




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