Everyone has a doppelganger (a person who could be their twin) somewhere in the world.  We found one for Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, and Kid Rock right here in Western Kentucky.

Caleb Potter is the Bereavement Coordinator at Hospice of Western Kentucky here in Owensboro and also one of the Pastors at PVCC.

I told my husband Joe, I thought Caleb looked like Luke and he said "Oh my gosh he does."

We actually had the opportunity to interview Caleb a few years ago on the show and asked him if anyone had ever told him he looked like Luke?  He said "No" but his wife Jessica said she had a few people tell her they thought he did.  He was such a good sport about the story and said "Hey Put Me On The Map!"  Caleb may even put some extra butts in the seats next time he preaches.

Next up, Jordan Wilson, the Development Director for Friends of Sinners, here in Owensboro.  Originally from Madisonville, Jordan and his wife now live here in the boro.

I don't think he has ever been told he looks like Cole but one day I saw a picture of him and my husband, Joe, and was like "WHOA" I have to share.

I mean we have to have a Keith Urban look alike right?!  Josh Randall from Muhlenburg has a striking resemblance!

And finally, we're gonna head on down the Natcher to Bowling Green where we found Kid Rock A.K.A. Donald Suiters.  If you're driving around Bowling Green and you do a double-take because you think you've just seen Kid Rock, chances are you haven't.  However, you may have seen the closest thing to him.  It is almost impossible to tell the difference.

Let us not forget our sweet country princess, Carrie Underwood.  We found her working as a nurse right here at Owensboro Health just a few weeks ago.  Kimberly Newman of Muhlenburg says she has never really thought she looked like Carrie but has had others tell her several times.  Hopefully, the hospital doesn't get an influx of patients!

While they may not look exactly like them, they are amazing!

Western Kentuckians That Look Just Like Country Music Stars

This Owensboro Health nurse looks so much like Carrie.  In some photos, we had to look twice!


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