Cauliflower can be turned into just about anything. You know, like rice, pasta, or pizza crust. Unfortunately, it cannot be turned into money.


Evansville's First Vegan Restaurant

Flourish Plant-Based Eatery opened on Evansville's West Side a couple of years ago. In July of 2022, Kelsey and Jake Smith became the new owners, but they have encountered increasing food costs and some other issues that came with the business.

Hey everyone,
I have to bring bad news. We will officially be shutting down next Friday 10/28. There are plenty of reasons why but the main ones are that we can’t keep up with food costs due to inflation & this place was in debt before we bought it and so the more we go on, the more in debt we are getting. Another is that we just don’t make the sales that we need to. We have tried everything we could to turn this place around but there’s simply nothing more we can do. I know that many of you love the restaurant and we are truly sorry that we have to do this.
If you have your art or anything else in Flourish, please come pick it up sometime this week.
We also will not be buying any more food so what we have now is all that we will have so we more than likely will run out before next Friday. Please watch our Facebook page for updates.
We will be selling everything in Flourish including equipment, tables & chairs, etc., so if you know anyone looking for any of these things then please send them our way.
Again, I’m so sorry. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. We truly appreciate it.

WalletHub's 2022 Best Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians only lists 2 Indiana cities.

Source: WalletHub
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More Small Businesses Closing

Just last week, Flourish shared this on their social media.

This is exactly what we are going through now. Just please try to support local businesses as much as you can. Most aren’t surviving anymore and so many employees are losing their jobs.

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