Ok, it may seem weird to include Santa Claus in a pop culture and geek con, but Santa knows how amazing Raptor Con 2022 is going to be, and how else will he know which costumes we want for Christmas?


This will make me sound old, but 'Back in my day', we had to travel to Louisville or Indianapolis to attend a quality comic con. Now we have Raptor Con, and the 2022 lineup of events, contests, and celebrity guests just proves that Evansville supports geek culture in a big way.

Raptor Con 2022 New Location

Last year Raptor Con was held at the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fairgrounds, but this year the event will be held at The National Guard Armory in Evansville. This is a more centralized venue for this inclusive geek convention.

Side note, I'm still getting used to Geek being a positive word. Yes, another old person reference, but I'm super happy that geeks like me are embraced by pop culture now.

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Scarlet Witch & Agatha Harkness Cosplay - Raptor Con 2021

Copyright © www.TheRaptorCon.com, 2021
Copyright © www.TheRaptorCon.com, 2021

What to Expect

  • Vendors from across the country will feature everything from comics, nerdy memorabilia, unique one-of-a-kind swag, Funko pops, Rare Pokemon cards, and more.
  • Game Room provided by Tri-State Gaming Community.  They will be providing a weekend of games that guests can play while at the con. If you want to learn how to play, they will also have classes on different types of games, lectures, and contests going on.

  • Cosplay Contest - This year's event will feature a few different "cosplay" contests. The traditional cosplay contest will take place on Saturday featuring prizes for Best in Show, and different special themed options.  Watch for more details about other special cosplay contests closer to December. 

  • Video Game Contest -Saturday will feature a vintage Mario Kart 64 tournament, where guests of all ages and skill levels will have the chance to go head to head in a bracket-style game. Sunday will also have its own Video game contest where the guest gets to vote on the game played for the tournament.
  • Food Trucks, Special lectures, Celebrity panels, A History of Stan Lee Tribute, and so much more!

Evansville Raptor Con 2022 Celebrity Guests and Ticket Info

Calling all Geeks, Cosplayers, and Collectors - Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 10, and Sunday, December 11, for Evansville Raptor Con 2022.
  • National Guard Armory 3300 E. Division Street, Evansville, Indiana 47712
  • Get Tickets HERE

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