Long before the Gecko was GEICO Insurance's spokesperson, we learned how easy it was to use an insurance website from The Caveman. Gather around children, what I'm about to share is part pop culture history, part failed TV history and the future of Evansville students.

 2006 Also Known as Prehistoric Times

I guess I had one of those 'Hey Boomer' moments with my son. I was telling him that the actor in the GEICO Caveman commercials, McManus Woodend, is teaching a class here in Evansville. I was pretty excited to share this little tidbit with him, and that he's also going to be a guest at Raptor Con. I was met with a blank stare and not much else. Then I realized that the Caveman commercials date back to 2006, so they are basically fossils.

 Do You Want to be a Caveman?

McManus Woodend auditioned to be in the GEICO Caveman commercials by belly dancing in his audition video. That got him a call-back, and just one week later he could officially call himself Caveman.

McManus Woodend
McManus Woodend

3 Doors Down and GEICO Caveman Bowling

GEICO Caveman: "Luggage"

Woodend says that this commercial shoot was a partnership with the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. They are in Alaska, and it just looks dreadfully cold to me.

What Turns an Actor into a Teacher?

McManus Woodend played the Caveman for ten years, has continued his career in the film industry, and was recently teaching at a college in Sarasota, Florida. His wife Kelli is from Henderson, and now that they have a son, they decided moving closer to family was the right decision.

McManus Woodend
McManus Woodend

English Rhetoric and Composition

Now, McManus Woodend is living in the now and teaching five classes a day at the University of Southern Indiana.

Woodend's Career Advise; “If you go into your career, and all you can show is that you’re good at one thing, that might be the only thing that you’re doing for the next 20, 30 years of your life, If you like doing that, then more power to you. But the odds are, most people don’t like doing just one thing over and over again. So, again, be open to learning new processes.”

Meet McManus Woodend at Evansville Raptor Con

Have you gotten your Evansville Raptor Con 2022 (Pop Culture and Geek Convention) tickets yet? Why not, it's so easy a caveman could do it.....and to prove it we are making a new addition to the 2022 line up. Please help us welcome McManus Woodend, the actor who played everyone's favorite Caveman in the Geico commercials.

Evansville Raptor Con 2022 Celebrity Guests and Ticket Info

Calling all Geeks, Cosplayers, and Collectors - Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 10, and Sunday, December 11, for Evansville Raptor Con 2022.

  • National Guard Armory 3300 E. Division Street, Evansville, Indiana 47712
  • Get Tickets HERE

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 Geico Insurance Caveman Meets Flo from Progressive

The Caveman commercials were so popular that ABC actually had a short-lived series based on the character. Please note that creating a television series around a commercial character probably isn't the best idea.

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