Watching House Hunters on HGTV is something that I do professionally. What I mean by that is, I can weight the pros and cons of each property, from my couch, like I know what I'm talking about!

We will get to watch Doctors Allie and Mark Royer, as they do their House Hunting, right here in the Evansville area! According to their FB Post, Rocca Bar North will be featured in the famous 'Decision scene', and Downtown Evansville provided extra footage for b-roll. The Royers had help finding their home from The Crick Team.

Parts of Evansville will be featured, as well as Newburgh.

The episode will air July 9, 2019.

I have a sinus appointment with Dr. Allie the day before the episode airs, so I'll be sure and get the inside scoop, before we watch it!

Here's how to get on the show:

If you're getting ready to buy a home, then we'd like to put your story on TV!
HGTV is looking for energetic individuals, couples and families who are passionate about their search for a new home or vacation property to be part of the House Hunters television series.
This hit series takes viewers behind the scenes as you work with a real estate agent to decide which home is best for you. We're looking for fun personalities and interesting stories. If this sounds like you, apply now!


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