Evansville's longtime location for all things costume and party supplies, the Nick Nackery, has found itself under new ownership within the last year or so and the new owners have brought a new experience to the store, including something special up their sleeve for the Fourth of July. [Keep Scrolling to See The Area's July 4th Events]

First There Was Krampus

In December 2021 we got our first taste of what the new owners had in store for fans of the Nick Nackery. They hosted photoshoot sessions with Krampus just in time for the holiday season.

Then There Was Frank

Jump ahead to Apirl 2022, and they brought us Frank - the demented rabbit from the cult-classic, Donnie Darko. The not-so-fluffy-bunny created yet another photo op for fans of the film as we headed into the Easter season.

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Fourth of July with a Brain Bang!

Gearing up for the Fourth of July, the Nick Nackery is at it again - this time with a patriotic twist as they offer folks the chance to have photos taken with "Uncle Sam Zombie Slayer." Bonus if you come dressed as a zombie!  According to the official Facebook event,

The most patriotic Zombie Slayer is ready to take your head off. Come get your picture taken with Uncle Sam Zombie Slayer.
Anyone who comes dressed as a Zombie will be entered to win a Prize!
$10 Per Photo/Print
Kids and leashed pets welcome!
We ask that pets come during the last hour of the event if possible.
This event may be too scary for some younger children. Parental Discretion is Advised.


When Where and How Much

The cost for photos is just $10 and the event takes place Saturday, June 25, 2022, from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Nick Nackery, located at 201 East Virginia Street in Evansville. The Nick Nackery is Evansville's home for costumes, props, novelties, and more, all year long. Find the official Facebook event page here.

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