In March of 2022, LawMan Tactical, LLC announced plans for a new tactical training facility. Evansville's Sunset Plaza on HWY 41 N will be rebranded to 'LawMan Plaza' featuring state-of-the-art facility 'The Lawman Tactical Guntry Club'.

Artist Rendering - LawMan Tactical - LA+D Public Domain
Artist Rendering - LawMan Tactical - LA+D Public Domain

What is a Guntry Club?

LawMan Tactical has plans for a full-service type of training facility. So, like an excellent training and recreational facility for people who like to shoot guns and train their bodies. Then you have the opportunity to relax and socialize, too.

Artist Rendering - LawMan Tactical - LA+D
Artist Rendering - LawMan Tactical - LA+D

It's a family-friendly facility that will feature retail, gym, dojo, gun range, coffee shop, training, restaurant, and wellness center. This new location replaces the Green River Road location 

  • Indoor Gun Range
  • Specialized Training
  • Coffee Bar
  • Dojo
  • Fitness gym
  • Wellness Facilities
  • Massage
  • Retail Shops
  • Members-Only Fireside Bourbon Bar
  • Health Conscious Restaurant
10-8 Cafe LawMan Photo: Chase DeWig
10-8 Cafe LawMan Photo: Chase DeWig
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 Members-Only Area

This is an exclusive area where Law Enforcement Officers, Active Duty, First Responders, Veterans, and everyday citizens enjoy fireside chats together over a glass of bourbon in a relaxing setting.

Lawman Tactical
Lawman Tactical

On Target for Founding members

I have watched the progress on the outside for the past several months, and it has changed so much. The entire rebranding of Sunset Plaza to LawMan Plaza, LawMan Tactical is complete. I haven't had the opportunity to check out the inside, but it is ready for the founding members. The Founders will be welcomed in starting at 0900 Saturday, December 17, 2022.

Our membership representative will be onsite at the facility Monday-Friday, 10-6. If you have questions or would like to drop off your paperwork, please feel free to stop by.


LawMan Plaza
4209 US 41 North
Evansville, Indiana

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