I recently met Barbara Sundstrom at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, TN. NRB is the World's largest gathering of Christian Communicators and is the premier conference for those who work in radio, TV, film, or digital marketing.

We struck up a conversation while waiting to speak with Christian television networks in hopes they would be interested in our projects. I really had no idea that Barbara had been in the film industry for many decades. She never let on or talked about herself.  She wanted to know what my TV show was all about and she listened intently as I explained the purpose of Shaped by Faith. Barbara was encouraging, complimentary and so down to earth. I knew meeting Barbara was a divine connection and after we met with the TV networks, I asked if she would be interested in doing an interview on my radio show. Well, here we are.

Barbara is a well-known veteran in the movie and film industry. Her hard work ethic and "never give up" attitude accompanied by her strong faith, have stood the test of naysayers. She told me that a college professor made fun of her writing assignment in front of the other students. Everyone laughed at her and made fun. The professor told her that she would never be a writer. Barbara sure proved him wrong, to say the least!

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As writer/director/producer her movies have won numerous awards including the Adam Award from Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy, nine Remi Awards from Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, three Crown Awards from the International Christian Visual Media Association, Best Short Film at the International Youth Film Festival in Wales, UK, and two Telly Awards.

Barbara was the Founder and former Executive Director of CROSS WIND PRODUCTIONS, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring teen filmmakers while producing dramatic movies that address tough teen issues. Where was Barbara when I was in high school?! I would have loved to have learned all the different aspects of the film industry! Barbara said that one of her students she taught is now starring in the musical Hamilton in Los Angeles.

Kentucky Infidel "Sizzle Reel" from Barbara Sundstrom on Vimeo.

Her screenplay, KENTUCKY INFIDEL, was a semi-finalist for the Kairos Prize from The John Templeton Foundation in Los Angeles. This project is so near and dear to Barbara since it is a true story about her great grandfather. This was the first screenplay she had written and decided to put it on the shelf for several years. After directing and producing several movies, she decided it was time to dust the screenplay off and bring it to life.

The heart-warming and gritty true-life story of an 1870’s <i>destined-to-be</i> “fire-holiness” preacher scourged and cursed by his father who searches through infidelity and alcohol to find his only hope and salvation in the simple prayer of his own young son—A child’s prayer with God’s power to rescue his lost father. It’s a story of life—power-packed with touching humor and gripping drama.

Audiences will respond to this true-life story because of its gripping human emotion and its touching humor. Its universal theme of man's search for redemption will resonate with audiences around the world.

Hear Barbara's interview with me right here.


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