God’s Grin Gal, KATHY CARLTON WILLIS, writes and speaks with a balance of funny and faith, whimsy, and wisdom. She coaches others to remove the training wheels of doubt and not just risk, but also take pleasure in the joy ride of life. Her most recent book release is The Grin Gal’s Guide to Wellbeing: Being Well in Body, Soul & Spirit.

Kathy lives on the east side of Texas in Jasper but grew up on the Mississippi River. She was blessed to be exposed to various Church Leaders through her experience with Girl Scouts.  She came to faith in Christ in her teens. She got engaged her Senior Year of High School and then went on to Bible College as a young married adult.

Kathy was born with a congenital reproductive anomaly and could not have children, and in her twenties developed an autoimmune connective tissue disease. She went through over twenty surgeries and is a thyroid cancer survivor. Her body does not fight infection or heal in a normal way. She became so in tune with her body and Spirit that she learned to completely trust in the Lord with her health struggles. Kathy became proactive in taking care of her health and wants to help others with their physical health.

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Kathy became inspired to do what God had given her to do with excellence. She began writing the moment she learned how to put down words on paper. She has written over 1000 published articles and plenty of fun and inspiring books. She has written a series of books in the Grin Gals Guide, and she has been waiting ten years to write her most recent book.

Her next book will release around Thanksgiving. The Grin Gal’s Guide to Waiting: Your Life on Hold/Don’t Hate the Wait,

Kathy says, “Trials give us the opportunity to grin, knowing God will somehow make it all better than okay. Life can be incredible despite these bumps in the road. If you hit a big bump, what will spill out of your cup? See the rough road as just another part of the joy ride!”

Website: www.kathycarltonwillis.com

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Kathy Carlton Willis Facebook
Kathy Carlton Willis Facebook


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