There's a location not too far from Rockford that is filled with beautiful hiking trails and plenty of scenery...Starved Rock State Park is huge, it's a day trip for sure, and it has a "ghostly visitor" that will hold a conversation with you, what!?! PhantomsANDMonsters

This account comes from a Veteran (thank you for your service) and his girlfriend, that headed to Starved Rock State Park for a hike. This fella was on leave from his time in Iraq (this took place about 15 years ago) so one autumn day he took his girl to the park to do some hiking. They were met by a woman while out hiking, that was unlike anything they ever seen before.

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Our vet noticed through the trees there were branches broken off pretty high up, around 8ft. Bigfoot, Sasquatch? Who knows. But this is where it gets weird...

The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project Starved Rock
The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project Starved Rock

They noticed a woman approaching them, quickly. This woman ran up on them and stopped. She was described as a "typical Chicago style woman," with a red winter coat, gloves, pants...just a normal looking woman.

There was a stare down, they looked each other up and down, and after a few seconds the man turned and continued to walk. Seconds later he turned his head back to look and she was gone. Hundreds of feet around him, no woman in a red coat.

Shannon Keegan

At the end of this write-up this vet assures us that he's 100% ok. No mental issues, no problems...Knows that he saw what he saw.

This apparently is a common thing at Starved Rock State Park, with people even holding conversations with the mystery ghost woman.


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