I prefer the mountains to the beach, any day. If I want to spend time in the mountains, one of my favorite places. that I can get to easily, is Gatlinburg, TN. The Smoky Mountain National Forest is so incredibly beautiful, with the outdoor activities we love.

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As much as I love it, when we visit, I'm a little freaked out by the black bears. They are everywhere and not scared of people. The fact that Gatlinburg, TN, is such a huge tourist attraction, the bears are so used to people being around, they are very brave and super sneaky.

This video from Viral Hog shows a bear trying to find a way to get into a car to steal a milkshake. It's funny because he looks around like a human criminal would if they were trying to steal something.

Here is what the person who took the video had to say.

As I rounded a corner near the top of the mountain, I shockingly came across this bear. Later that day, I decided to go shopping, and as I passed the car that was vandalized, the guy who owned it was out there with kids in the backseat. At that exact moment, he and his friends were videotaping the damage from the bear! I was so excited to show them the video, lol. They absolutely loved it and thought it was hysterical. How fun to make a friend over the strangest situation.




[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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