Nature is full of strange phenomena. Many times what we think is normal and typical, can sometimes be completely weird and magical.

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One of those occurrences is when fish jump out of the water. They are supposed to be in the water. When they jump out of the water it's kind of incredible because it's like they are waving at us.

Why do fish jump out of the water?

When you see a fish jump out of the water, it seems like a rare and amazing thing. But, is it?

Fish in the wild will jump because they may be hunting or being hunted. Jumping is a good defense mechanism. Some intelligent fish will jump out of the water when they have become hooked by a fisherman in an attempt to break free.


Why do carp jump out of the water?

Carp seem to jump out of the water a lot and in groups. there is actually a reason. According to,

<p>When a carp travels from deep down up towards the surface, the pressure on its swim bladder increases and so by jumping out of the water and expelling air from its swim bladder, the pressure is relieved, and the carp can then swim properly nearer the surface.</p><p> </p>


Why do a bunch of fish jump out of the water in a frenzy?

According to slo-fish, these are the possible reasons that fish may jump out of the water.  If you click on one of the reasons, it will take you to an article explaining the reason in more depth.

Reason #1 – To dodge the predators

Reason #2 – To get food

Reason # 3 – Debugging or external parasites

Reasons #4 – Decrease in oxygen levels

Reason #5 – Procreation

Reason #6 – Force of Life

Reason #7 – Romance

Watch fish jump into a boat that was bow fishing in the Wabash River. Take a look at this craziness.

Thank you, so much, to Kyle Norman for the use of this video. Click here to view his streaming channel, TolbTown, on TwitchTV. 

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