The Golden Girls were a hoot weren't they? I mean who else could yell, "CONDOMS ROSE, CONDOMS CONDOMS CONDOMS!" on prime time TV and get away with it? Dorothy was always my favorite but they all fit perfectly into their roles.

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The show has long been off the air but with a huge cult following, it's no surprise retailers churn out a ton of new nostalgic items to wet our appetite for GG every Christmas. This year, the big thing is Golden Girls board games. With Christmas only a couple days away, order these on Prime for 2-day delivery!

Golden Girls Bingo

Nothing says four-older ladies living together in a Miami home quite like Bingo.

Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit

With 600 GG-themed questions, only true fans will win. Riddle me this... What was the name of Ma's "home"? If you guessed Shady Pines, you might be right.

Golden Girls Clue

This one will answer the age-old question, who ate the last piece of cheesecake! My guess... Rose. In the kitchen. With a flarveneugen.

The Golden Girls Monopoly

I would imagine Stan would make some really bad investments in this one. Whatta putz.

Golden Girls Mad Libs

Don't have anyone to play with? Blanche would be highly disappointed but Dorothy would understand. Check out these fun MadLibs that you can play alone or with a friend.

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