I just got back from my first "staycation" in over ten years.  It's no secret that, when I am on vacation, I rarely "stay."  But, I spent the last week and half at home getting a lot of my house in order.  I cleaned.  I organized.  I threw a bunch of crap out because I have clearly a hoarder's heart.

Well, Tuesday afternoon, because Kevin and I purchased new nightstands, I cleaned out the two we had.  We've had those nightstands for a decade plus and I had no clue what was lurking in the six drawers they share between them.

In addition to random National City Bank statements from the late 90s, a Wonder Woman journal I used to write song lyrics and one liners, two random alarm clocks and a yellow poncho (What?  Why?), I also discovered some really fun mementos.  I'll share some more soon, but this is a Throwback Thursday must.  I found my old membership card for Hollywood Video.  LOL!

Do you remember Hollywood Video?  The store was located at 5115 Frederica Street, where the AT&T store is now.

We used to go to Hollywood Video constantly.  And, my drawers had proof.  I have absolutely zero clue why, but I still had rental receipts.


I don't even recognize some of those movies.  Obviously, I remember watching Six Feet Under.  I vaguely remember renting the Margaret Cho special Assassins.  And I sort of remember the movies Hostage and The Upside of Anger.

I noticed the receipts are from 2005.  That was in the middle of my run in The Screening Room, a movie review show I used to host with Dave Spencer.  That's also during the time I did movie reviews and capsule previews for News 4U magazines in Evansville and Owensboro.  It's a time when I was burning hours and hours a week in front of movie screens and TV screens.  Clearly, I spent a lot of time at Hollywood Video too.

As a matter of fact, I used to buy movies there too.  Remember that?  You could buy "previously viewed" movies on VHS and DVD for really discounted prices.  I may or may not have purchased some of those "used" movies as Christmas presents and stocking stuffers.  #DontJudgeMe #TheyWereOnSale #TheyLookedNew #NoOneKnewUnlessTheDVDsWereScratchedAndSkipped

I honestly don't remember when Hollywood Video closed, but seeing my old membership card and random receipts brought back lots of memories.  Do you have some too?

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