Despite many pleas in this space to producers to consider Kentucky when it comes to making movies, I will not take any credit if that continues to happen with more frequency.


It seems filmmakers are at least doing some PARTIAL production in Kentucky for the sake of authenticity--something I wish the producers of the FX series Justified had at least considered. Pennsylvania and CALIFORNIA doubled for the Commonwealth in that drama. Don't get me started.

Anyway, I'll bring my mini-rant to an end and move on to the good news: there's a brand new movie that was filmed in Kentucky. ENTIRELY in Kentucky, according to IMDB. And what I like most about that fact is that it really didn't need to be. I know, I know. That statement runs counter to my mission, but, in terms of the way producers think, Not to Forget really could have been shot (and SET) anywhere. But instead, the cast and crew went to work in DANVILLE.

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Not to Forget tells the story of a young man who heads to Kentucky to take care of his grandmother who has Alzheimer's.  Being a con artist, his discovery of the extent of her wealth leads to a crisis of conscience.

The film's star is newcomer Tate Dewey. But you'll probably recognize the actress who plays his grandmother--Karen Grassle, who played the mom in the classic 1970s drama Little House on the Prairie.


But it's the supporting cast of Not to Forget that is especially noteworthy as there are no less than FIVE Oscar winners in various roles--George Chakiris (Oscar winner for 1961's West Side Story); Cloris Leachman (Oscar winner for 1971's The Last Picture Show); Tatum O'Neal (Oscar winner for 1973's Paper Moon); Louis Gossett Jr. (Oscar winner for 1982's An Officer and a Gentleman); and Olympia Dukakis Dukakis (Oscar winner for 1987's Moonstruck).

Sadly, this was the last film for both Olympia Dukakis and Cloris Leachman, both of whom died in early 2021.

The release date for Not to Forget is November 26th, 2021.

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