It's wonderful to have friends.  It's even better to have the types of friends that no matter time or distance between you things always remain the same.  I call those low-maintenance friendships.


It's the truth.  We live in a world that breeds adding too much to our plates.  If you aren't busy 10 nights a week you just aren't doing enough.  Add a friendship that requires 24/7 attention and that is just another iron on the fire.  Being able to walk through life in a parallel and cross paths with your person when able makes it a whole lot less stressful.


My husband always told me never to set expectations on others and I wouldn't be disappointed.  I never realized how freeing that was until I started doing it.  Now I've learned it's ok if I don't hear from my friends daily or even weekly for that matter and I certainly appreciate them more when I do.  It's like a sweet little surprise and I savor every story and all the moments we share.


I'm not saying I wouldn't love to see my dearest friends more often but we have our own very busy lives.  Some of us have kids, some don't, some have multiple jobs, some are busy with volunteering whatever the case maybe we have a lot going on.  When we finally plan a date and catch up it makes it so much more special.  Each one of my friends is completely different in a million different ways and they bring something so wonderful to my life.  I have come to appreciate that more as years pass.


I am a date person.  I remember special days, especially birthdays, and try to make them as special as possible when it comes to my friends.  I work hard to keep those days on the calendar and plan ahead to make sure I can make time to see my friends for those special times.  When you aren't spending every waking moment with a person it makes it easier to do.


Quite possibly the best reason of all.  When there are no expectations or requirements there isn't much room for drama.  You're focused more on making the best of the time you have.  You don't deal with petty stuff which gives you more time for laughter and love and those are ultimately what's most important.


Not everyone is able to maintain a low-maintenance friendship.  Some people are just needy.  I am thankful for the amazing friends in my life who just get me.  They know I am always thinking of them and praying for them even if months go by and we don't see one another.  I cherish them more than they will ever know because I know even if I can't see them they are absolutely ALWAYS there.


I have to say I have never been a girls' girl.  I grew up with boys and making friends with girls and now women, as I've gotten older, has been a hassle.  God has sent me different women at different times in my life right when I have needed them.  They each play such a special role and I wake daily thanking God he gave them to me thankfully they are super low maintenance.  Love you girls~

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