I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! It's so fun to dress up like a character and trick-or-treat! I don't even LIKE candy! Ha! Part of the reason why I love it is the movie-watching! Here are my favorites!


So, this story-line... Linus is waiting for the Great Pumpkin to bring him treats on All Hallow's Eve. I don't think anyone ever tells him he has Christmas and Halloween mixed up. By today's standards, it's slow but we LOVE all things Snoopy in our house so it's a must-watch every. single. year. And, where is Linus' mom? Sure kid, stay out all night in the pumpkin patch. Today, she'd be front and center across the country as the mom who left her kid out all night in the pumpkin patch on TV and social media.

Plus, these were the days before Pinterest. So, all the kids are a ghost and the party consists of bobbing for apples.



One day, I want to convince my family to go trick-or-treating as the Addams Family. Sadly, we are a family of three. I guess I'll have to borrow a Pugsley. Anyway, perfect casting for both of these classics. RENT THEM TODAY!


When I initially heard about this movie, I thought, "Oh GREAT. POOP ALL OVER MONSTERS, WILL YOU?" I actually love both of these movies. They are hilarious and pretty much perfect for little eyes. The werewolf guy with a bunch of kids is my favorite!


If your kids have never seen Hocus Pocus, well what are you doing as a parent? Seriously? There are so many reasons to love the Sanderson sisters. This movie definitely puts you in the Halloween spirit but isn't overly scary.


I loved this creeptastic movie as a kid! It was my first introduction to Tim Burton. Though Frankenweenie is a newer classic, Beetlejuice always has a special place in my heart. It's best for older kids - Beetleguise is pretty crude.


Well, I guess this could be a Christmas movie but Halloweentown is full of weird little characters. Santa gets kidnapped so older eyes only! Fun fact, I love this movie so much that I order NBC checks. I don't know why it had to be checks... it just did.


Yep, this sweet dance scene still makes me swoon. I love this friendly little ghost! And, if you were a girl who grew up in the 80s/90s you were totally team Sawa. HAWT.


This is another movie I don't mind watching with my kiddo. It's not OVERLY scary but not a total mind musher. Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is a living, breathing monster. The ending is kind of sad though. :(


My one-year-old watched Ghostbusters the other day and was blown away by the animations and graphics. According to today's standards, they might seem pretty dated but you have to love the story line and campyness of Ghostbusters! Warning: there are some adult-only raciness to it but it's what I like to call "Pixar Humor."

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