Owensboro, Kentucky has been on national news channels several times over the years and I figured it would be cool to collect five of the highlights. Remember these moments in our little town's history?

First up lets take it back to this past winter as a bus full of Owensboro Catholic students got caught up in a massive snow storm on a Pennsylvania Highway.  They joined FOX News in New York City and told their story about how well it was handled for almost 20 hours!

Next up is a story that hit the national news screen as well. Remember not too long ago when that E-Cigarette exploded and caught that man's jeans on fire? NBC, the Associated Press and others picked that one up and the video is pretty shocking.

Back in 1980 and 1982 Miss Kentucky was from right here in Daviess County.  Dave Spencer helped me out by finding some of that footage.  The first one is from 1980 and you can see Miss Kentucky, Lisa Devillez, answering the question that she drew from the bowl of randomness.  She has a pretty solid answer too.  Nice Job.

Next up- the top five finalists for Miss USA 1982.  This is when Daviess County's own Christine Chapman went up against, Miss Texas, Utah, Ohio, Arkansas. See it below.


Next up on the list is the 2009 ice storm that hit Owensboro and the surrounding areas.  By surrounding areas I mean almost two million people without power!  I wasn't around for this.... I mean I wasn't around in the 1980's for Miss America but at least I was alive when the ice hit.

I hear about this one all the time and the craziness that ensued.

FOX picked this one up and you can click HERE to view a slideshow that they put together.

Like we mentioned... it took a lot of electricity from a lot of people and I found this video of when the power actually went out in a section of Owensboro.

The tornado that hit Owensboro back in 2000 was definitely one to remember.  It was picked up Nationwide by many many news channels.

Here is the 16 year old video of Wayne Hart talking about the on going storm in the Tri-State.

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