Scams. They are out there like crazy. Annoying phone calls from numbers you don't know, IRS scams, credit card/student loan debt scams, the list goes on. This summer, however, be on the lookout for a few more scams.

Scam Keyboard

Scams can occur at any time, as you know, but there are some scams that people will try to take advantage of during the summer months. According to the Huffington Post, you need to be aware of these scams that range from summer jobs to vacations. Here is a brief rundown of these scams.


Summer Job Scams

These scams can occur at any time, but they are especially popular during the summer as young, impressionable teens are looking for summer employment. Scammers will list fake jobs on Craigslist, or even in the newspaper to get word out about their "job," but there are a few catches. So if you you need to pay to get the job, need to give them your credit card, or it’s a “previously undisclosed” federal job, it’s a scam. Huffington Post said it best:  "a legitimate job pays you, not the other way around."


 Yard Work and Home Improvement Scams

There's a common one where someone knocks on your door, and says they're doing work for your neighbor.  Then they offer to give you the same really low rate if you can pay in cash that day...but they never actually perform the service. Make sure they are legit before you hand over money. Better yet, ask  your neighbor if they actually do work for them.


Moving Day Scams

If you plan on moving this summer and are looking to hire a moving company. Make sure they are licensed on their website. Most people fail to do this...that's how they get scammed. The biggest example of this is when you hire someone on Craigslist, and they hold all your stuff hostage until you them.


 Vacation Scams

Summertime is vacation time. This is one you really want to do your research on. If you receive a lot of random emails or phone calls about an amazing trip that sounds too good to be true...chances are, it probably is. There are also things called "travel clubs" where you have to buy a membership before you can access their deals.  Apparently most of those are scams too.


There you have it. You have been warned. Pay it forward and warn your friends too. When people mess with YOUR hard earned money, it's more than infuriating...and illegal. Do your research before doing business with someone that seems even the slightest bit sketchy.



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