On January 20th there's going to be a lunar eclipse, and downtown there's a free party so you don't have to miss it! 

Total Lunar Eclipse
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Remember when everyone went gaga over the eclipse in 2017? Well now is your next chance to see a pretty awesome eclipse, but this time it's happening at night!

On January 20th from 9-11:30 PM the Evansville Department of  Parks and Recreation along with the Evansville Museum, and the Astronomical Society invite you to join them to watch the blood moon eclipse! The event will take place at the Four Freedoms Monument on the Evansville river front.  They recommend that you bring your lawn chairs, binoculars, blankets, and of course dress warmly! They will have telescopes, hot chocolate, and other fun festivities to celebrate the blood moon eclipse!


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