I took piano lessons for five years when I was a kid--from fourth grade through ninth grade. Unfortunately, I did not concentrate or practice enough and we let it go by the time I got to high school.

That really IS a shame since I love the piano. It's my favorite musical instrument. It fascinates me to watch someone play, to put there fingers on those keys and release the magic.

And if I'd been older when I took the lessons, I'm not sure THAT would've been successful either, since you tend to be better at absorbing knowledge when you're young.

But if I had stuck with it, I'd be all over these free baby grand pianos I found at Craigslist Owensboro in the free stuff section.

One of them--the one in the picture--is a Bluthner Style 5 black baby grand and it's gorgeous. The other free baby grand is a Baldwin.

Free pianos. Who'd 'a thunk?

But wait, there's more. Are you tired of your guinea pig running around all over the place? Common problem, I realize.

Well it's time to cage that thing with an absolutely FREE guinea pig cage. Honestly, I've been studying this cage and I could probably think of other things to do with besides housing a guinea pig.

Also, I don't HAVE a guinea pig.

But it's custom built and you gotta go get it if you want it, but, yes it IS free. There's also a free bed and free heavy equipment on that page.

Gee, I wonder if you know someone who needs ALL of that.

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