Thanks to a brand new program, you may be eligible for a free Lyft ride to a job interview and if you score the job, free rides to work until you get your first paycheck.

Maybe this new free ride offer is just what you need to help take some of this job-search stress off your shoulders. Getting to-and-from some job interviews might not have to be a barrage of text messages sent to any friend who might be able to hook you up with a ride. Grabbing the bus isn't always a good option either.

And this offer is a bit more than just getting you to the interview, this offer includes getting you to work with multiple weeks of free rides.

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Indeed Essentials to Work Program

Yes, that Indeed. One of the world's largest job sites is making a strong commitment to helping job seekers in many ways.

Every day we connect millions of people to new opportunities, but we know that job seekers face a myriad of barriers. Indeed’s Essentials to Work program aims to provide critical resources to job seekers who need them most.

Thanks to this Facebook post from Women's March Rockford, and the tweet they shared, I have this information to share with you.

The free ride program is available in Rockford and Chicago, Illinois. Click HERE to start the transportation eligibility process.

You should also know that the Indeed Essentials to Work Program is more than free rides from Lyft. When they said that they wanted to remove barriers to opportunity for millions of job seekers, they were not kidding.

In addition to transportation help, the Indeed program offers access to the internet and a computer. If you're struggling to clear your criminal record, this program will help with that, also. Criminal records can hinder this process as the stigma lingers long after you've fulfilled your legal obligations. According to the Indeed Essentials website, they're working with service providers like the Texas Fair Defense Project, Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, and East Bay Community Law Center to provide no-cost legal assistance to clear and seal eligible criminal records across the United States.

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