The only drawback and the thing I hate most about taking a vacation for more than a couple of days are the barrages of emails that I always find in my inbox. Most of those emails are spam.

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Whether it's my personal, or even work email, it's insane. I've been so fed up with it, that I have been known to delete all of my emails, just to start fresh, I clean out my email junk drawer if you will.

But, I have found a way to get back at the email spammer and that makes me feel a little better.








How to be a pain in the butt to email spammers

A guy named Troy Hunt really has come up with a way to turn the tables and annoy the spammers.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Here's how it works.

After you get an email, from someone asking him to do something like signing up for something, you copy and paste a canned, made-up response sounding like you are excited about the opportunity.

Then copy and paste the response, but let them know they need to leave their information in a special form.

Attach a link that requires the spammer to set up an account with an email and a password where there's an endless list of reasons why their password won't work.

Depending on how determined they are, this should keep the spammer busy for quite a while.

He sets it, then it's simple to take revenge on your email spammers. Click here for specific instructions.

Have fun!

How to block text and phone spammers.


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