Goats are so funny. They do so many things that are just odd and seem to be out of character. Yet, for a goat, totally normal.

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We've seen them scream.

Goats hilariously faint when they get scared.

When visiting a petting zoo, goats are the most social. Because of the things that goats do, you have to wonder how intelligent they are. They seem to have amusing and fun personalities.

How smart are goats?

According to Four Paws,

Goats are very intelligent and curious animals. Their inquisitive nature is exemplified in their constant desire to explore and investigate anything unfamiliar that they come across. They communicate with each other by bleating. Mothers will often call to their young (kids) to ensure they stay close by.

Ok, so goats are very intelligent. That would explain why this goat in a video I found on Viral Hog, had the idea to just use a door handle to get into a back door than wait for someone to let you in the house.

Here's how the owner of the goat describes what happened.

I happened to look up and see our one goat jiggling the door handle. I thought there was no way she would open it. I decided to get my phone out just in case! She did it! I had to hurry to make sure the gate on the steps was closed so the 3 dogs didn’t come to get the goats. I yelled for my significant other I was so shocked! These goats are smart! They just walked right in and down the steps. I had to stop videoing because the dogs then saw them and the goats started pooping everywhere.

I have to give it to this goat, he is pretty smart. It's like he's done something like this before.  And, he lets his friends in, too. LOL








Now, I need a goat.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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