Future generations will speak of this legendary day- Jacob Kiper, Memorial Day, 2021.

Years ago, when Gobbler Getaway enjoyed its debut season at Holiday World back in 2006, we teamed up with the amusement park for a really fun contest.  We took 32 qualifiers to the ride, put them on it and had them compete head-to-head for a chance to win a "getaway" to the Caribbean!  Yes, we gave away a cruise to Mexico, which Shannon Robbins won!

In case you're not familiar with the ride Gobbler Getaway, it's Holiday World's unique, Thanksgiving-themed "dark" ride.  On it, riders are "armed" with turkey callers and the goal is taking aim at and "capturing" as many "fowl birds" as you can.  And, if you've been on the ride, you know.  It's FULL of turkeys and they are hiding everywhere.

Here's a fun POV video from the ride!

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At the end of the ride, you can see how your turkey calling skills measure up with the Gobbler Getaway Turkey Tote!  Here's how the scores are gauged.






Well, my friend Jacob Kiper, on Memorial Day, just blew the top off the Turkey Tote. In fact, there are feathers flying everywhere.  At around 2:30 Monday afternoon, he climbed aboard Gobbler Getaway and knocked down this epic, potentially history-making score!

Jacob Kiper
Jacob Kiper

I couldn't exactly remember the scores outlined by the Turkey Tote, but I knew Jacob's score was high.  But high is an understatement.  This is the highest score I have personally ever seen.

I immediately reached out to my friends Matt Eckert (President of Holiday World) and Eric Snow (VP) to see if either knew what the all-time high score is.  While they didn't know for sure, there's no doubt that Jacob Kiper is a Gobbler Getaway force to be reckoned with.

As he said in his text to me, "Future generations will speak of this legendary day." There's no doubt about it. This may end up on the Kiper family crest.

Here's Jacob's interview with Angel and me from today's show. He discusses his moment of glory in full detail.

What is YOUR highest score ever on Gobbler Getaway?

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