A grassroots organization that goes by the name DAACE will be hosting a town hall to discuss rising utility costs in Evansville, Indiana, and the public is invited to attend.

What Is DAACE?

DAACE, which stands for Direct Action Against Centerpoint Energy, is an organization that started in direct response to growing utility rates across the Evansville area. The group has hosted a number of rallies and generated a great deal of public attention as they have attended city council meetings.

City Council Committee

Most recently, as reported by Tristate Homepage, DAACE has encouraged the formation of an ad hoc committee by the Evansville City Council.

In response to Direct Action Against CenterPoint Energy (DAACE), Evansville City Council says they have formed an affordability and quality of life ad hoc committee.

Officials tell us a direct action from Council President Zac Heronemus formed a four-member ad hoc committee to facilitate effective collaboration with DAACE and other member groups of the newly formed Energy for All Coalition, along with other interested members of the public.


More Than 250% Utility Increase

According to a post on the DAACE Facebook page, the page and the organization were formed in response to learning that Centerpoint Energy, the only provider of electric and gas utilities in the Evansville area, had been granted more than a 250% rate increase.

This page was created when we noticed the incredibly high distribution charges on our bills, looking into it we found out they were granted a 271% increase in those charges by IURC. We didn't get a notice to oppose it.
We did get a notice to oppose another increase Centerpoint is currently asking for though. We went to the hearing and OUCC sided with us to reject it.
IURC is still in deliberation for that settlement.



Energy for All Coalition

DAACE has partnered with the newly formed Energy for All Coalition and will be hosting a town hall, inviting the public to attend as well. The town hall will offer resources for those needing help with growing utility bills, as well as offer the public to get involved in the grassroots fight against rising utility costs in Evansville.

When and Where

The Energy for All town hall will take place in the Browning Room of Central Library on Saturday, April 23, 2022, beginning from 11 am to 1 pm. Central Library is located at 200 SE Martin Luther King Boulevard, in downtown Evansville. To learn more about DAACE, visit their official Facebook page.



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