I have the vaguest memories of a family vacation when I was a child during which we went to a street somewhere where you could put your vehicle in neutral and it would roll uphill.A


Well, as I was writing that paragraph, I thought, "Well, dummy, why don't you Google search it and see if you're right?" Sure enough, I wasn't remembering incorrectly. And once I saw that old picture of Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida at Florida-Backroads-Travel.com, it all came back to me. Dad put the old Ford Galaxy wagon in neutral, and, sure enough, it rolled uphill.

I tell you what, we had just as much fun at all those kitschy roadside stops in Florida as we did at Disney World.


You know, I tried a similar trick in Bowling Green several years ago. It was an old bridge that was supposedly haunted by a woman who had died on it. Legend had it (the bridge is currently closed, I believe) that if you put your vehicle in neutral on one side of the bridge, she would "push" it across the bridge. Well, it is ENTIRELY possible that there's a bit of an incline on that bridge. So it's basically just rolling downhill. But I wanted to believe.


Anyway, if you're curious about trying the anti-gravity thing and you don't feel like driving to Florida (I mean, this is fun, but it's certainly not worth a trip to Florida), well then, the next time you're in northern Kentucky, visit Gravity Hill in Covington, a city I have found to be a bit weird during my few visits. So something like Gravity Hill fits in very nicely.

This guy took his motorcycle to Gravity Hill and gave it a shot. At the beginning of the video, you hear him call it an optical illusion, which is what it HAS to be unless I missed a LARGE number of science classes in middle and high school.

In fact, a few years ago, WCPO-Cincinnati checked with a Northern Kentucky University experimental psychologist who explained not only that it WAS an optical illusion, but HOW it was an optical illusion.

It's still fascinating though. And I have a penchant for this sort of thing. So the next time I'm in Covington, Gravity Hill it is.

It's a NICE way to be "defiant."

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