Not EVERYTHING that's old is new again; sometimes what's nostalgic should remain nostalgic. But that's not the case with Guntown Mountain in Cave City.


For years, the vintage tourist attraction in south central Kentucky was somewhat dormant while the old favorites around the rest of town remained active. But there was enough demand to bring Guntown Mountain that this particular thing that WAS old is brand new again...and open for the season.


Guntown Mountain opened on April 23rd and is getting ready for what promises to be an exciting rebirth of tourism in that part of the Commonwealth. Honestly, Interstate 65, which practically BISECTS Kentucky, is loaded with fun activities; Kentucky Downs and Kentucky Down Under are just "down" the road. And Bowling Green has LOTS to do.

But in Cave City, folks are returning to a place they loved in their childhood. Like them, I remember it well. So does this guy, who came last summer after Guntown Mountain's reopening but BEFORE they put a lot of hard work into it and made it what it is today.


More recent video examples of what's happening now in Guntown Mountain cannot currently be found on YouTube, but it's 2022 so they have a TIK TOK channel, where you can see rehearsals for new shows and new gunfights.

@guntownmountainkyWhen ya get bored during rehearsin’ so you make rock angels. Come see the full Stunt Show starting Saturdays at 9:00am CT♬ original sound - Guntown Mountain KY

If y’all be curious about that outlaw Nathan Ramsey, join us up on top of Guntown Mountain starting Saturdays at 9:00am CT
♬ original sound - Guntown Mountain KY


And I LOVE the website's It might just be the FRIENDLIEST web address I've ever seen.

The revitalized attraction is currently open only on Saturdays and Sundays, with the full schedules for each of those days on the website. You'll also find the line-up of entertainment and information about day trip tickets and tours.

But the BEST thing you'll find--AT Guntown Mountain, not on the website--is perhaps and awesome feeling like when you were young and the excitement was building as you rode those gondolas up the mountain (now replaced by shuttles).

Vacation and STAYcation season has arrived. Enjoy.

Below, you'll find a gallery of images from last year and earlier, just prior to Guntown Mountain's renovation.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: It is no longer known as "Froggett's" Guntown Mountain]

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