A little over two years ago, my bonus daughter, Carley, lost one of her best friends in the world. Halee Rathgeber's life was cut short and ever since that tragic day, her friends and family have been putting the pieces of their lives back together. Carley has become very close with Halee's family. When Halee's little sister Kylee graduated, Carley gave Kylee a small memento that is a constant reminder of who Halee was and her legacy that lives on.  In scripted letters the word "Believe" is spelled out across her finger. Halee had the same tattoo. It had a deep meaning for her and is the central ideal that her family holds on to.

Sadly, the ring slipped off Kylee's finger and the family has been looking for it ever since. Halee's mom, Heather Fisher posted a plea to the community on Facebook.

I’m sure this is a long shot but... Kylee lost a ring that was a graduation gift from Carley Sollars after Halee passed away. She wears it all the time and the ring just really means a lot to her. It’s not an expensive ring but when she’s feeling sad or stressed it brings her joy. She worked in handbags at Dillard’s 12-9 today. We went to [Evansville east side] Azzip to eat together at 5:00 and she thinks she had it then. Sometime around 8:00 she realized it was gone. It could have fell in someone’s bag as she rang them up or anywhere along the way. I just thought it couldn’t hurt to put the word out in hopes someone found it and didn’t know how special it was. We can purchase another one but it still wouldn’t have the same meaning. I know the power of social media and well stranger things have happened! Looking for a miracle here! 💜💜💜

Here's an image of the James Avery 'Believe' ring that was lost. If you have information about this family's special ring, please contact Heather Denise Fisher.



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