The world is rejoicing, and by the world, I mean me and my Uncle Daryl, because it's the most wonderful time of the year. It's Hallmark Christmas movie season.

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Hallmark is releasing 41 all-new movies on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this weekend. (Oct. 22) It literally gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it. I know, it's crazy because it's the only time I act all lovey-dovey. Normally, I'm very blah, blah, bah, LOVE, we get it, whatever. But, not this time of year.

My husband is both annoyed and a little jealous of my infatuation with the snow-laden, cozy, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl gets the boy, saves the town AND Christmas, love fest that Hallmark offers. This year he actually said he would watch them with me. I think he realizes he can't compete for my attention during this time of year so he might as well join me.

This year's 2021 season is scheduled to begin tonight, Friday, October 22nd. The official movie schedule has been released. Here are some highlights we can look forward to.

  • You, Me & the Christmas Trees. . . a movie that reunites "Wonder Years" cast members DANICA MCKELLAR and JASON HERVEY.
  • Back to the Future stars Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd, and another starring Candace Cameron Bure and her Fuller House co-star John Brotherton.

Sounds amazing!

Do you think you know Hallmark Christmas movies? Test your skills. Scroll slowly though, because the answer is revealed after each question.

How Well Do You Know Your Hallmark Christmas Movies?

Answer more Hallmark Christmas Movie Trivia here. And, see the entire 2021 Hallmark Christmas movie schedule, HERE.


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