Get ready to get HAMBUSHED!  This is so hilarious and so much freaking fun.  Owensboro Parks and Recreation has teamed with Kentucky Legend and WBKR for a Fall scavenger hunt that's going to have you searching for lil piggies in various city parks. And, yes!  That's where the word "Hambushed" comes into play.  LOL!

Starting Friday, October 22nd, fifty plastic pigs are going to be hidden at various parks throughout the City of Owensboro.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find one. If you do, you could win a prize!  And, speaking of prizes, there are some great ones.  Those prizes include: a gas grill from Academy Sports, buffet dinners from Moonlite Bar-B-Q, giveaways from Edge Ice Center, a gift basket from Hillview Farms Meats, a gift basket from Buff City Soap and some cool prize packs from Ben Hawes and Hillcrest Golf Courses.

Now, here's what you have to do to be eligible to win. Be on the lookout for "hogs going wild" in parks throughout the city. If you find one, take a selfie with it and post your pic on social media using the following hashtags: #OBKYParks #HAMBUSHED #KentuckyLegend. Also, to be officially considered for a prize, you MUST follow Owensboro Parks and Recreation's Instagram or Facebook page, post that photo, use all the suggested hashtags and keep the hunt going by relocating the piggy at the same park you found it in.  In Hambushed, finders aren't keepers.  You have to hide the pig and give someone else the chance to find it.

Now, here's where WBKR comes in.  To be eligible for the grand prize- a Country Christmas vacation at Gaylord Opryland Resort- you must find one of our special golden pigs!  And here's what you have to do if you find it.  You must bring it to the WBKR studios (3301 Frederica Street) during our normal business hours and get your photo taken with your golden pic and a member of the WBKR air staff- Chad, Angel, Barb or Dave Spencer.  Then, you have to post that photo as mentioned above and use all the suggested hashtags.  At the completion of Hambushed, one of our "golden pig" qualifiers will be eligible to win the Gaylord grand prize!

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So, get ready to squeal!  The HAMBUSH is on! These little piggies are about to invade our Owensboro City Parks and we want you to find 'em!  Hambushed begins Friday, October 22nd, with additional pigs being hidden on Thursday, October 28th, Friday, November 5th and Thursday, November 12th.

Get ready to make a pig of yourself as the HAMBUSH begins Friday, October 22! Locations will be released on the Owensboro Parks and Recreation’s Facebook and Instagram page that morning.

To keep up with the pigs, prizes, more HAMBUSH dates, and locations we strongly suggest you follow Owensboro Parks and Recreation’s social media pages.  Get ready to squeal, the HAMBUSH is on!

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