On any given day, you can find volunteers at The Hangout at The Ville cooking up some burgers, hotdogs, or smoked bologna. You may even hear some live music when you walk through the doors. One thing that you'll ALWAYS see and hear is children of all ages laughing, playing, and having the time of their lives. Why? Because this is the coolest place to hang out in downtown Fordsville. Here's a look inside!

Barb Birgy for WBKR
Barb Birgy for WBKR

When I was at Fordsville Days a few weeks ago I ran into my good friend Jeff Fuqua. He was so excited to show me his latest venture, and I couldn't wait to check it out. It's called The Hangout at The Ville and it's a pretty special place. When Jeff saw area teens walking the streets at all hours with people that they shouldn’t be walking with, he knew something needed to be done. With the help of the community, the new activity center was born.

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Take a look inside The Hangout at The Ville and learn more about its mission.

The Hangout at The Ville, Coolest Place to Hangout for Kids!

Where is the coolest place to hang out in downtown Fordsville? Look no further than The Hangout at The Ville where kids can hang out in a safe and fun environment. There truly is some FREE fun for everyone to enjoy!

"We are very appreciative of those of you and your organizations that have donated money, supplies, and your time."

You can continue to donate by stopping by The Hangout or you can make a monetary donation at Commonwealth Community Bank.

Volunteers and the Fordsville community, we thank you, appreciate you, and salute you for all that you do for children of all ages! #clapping

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