We want to show off your adorable pups to celebrate National Dog Day. From rescue pups, service dogs, sweet seniors to puppies, it's a day to celebrate your best friend. We've compiled some of your photos to showcase dogs from all over the tri-state!

Cindy Hurm Harrison (Buddy)

Earlier today we asked you to submit photos of your special furry family members and hundreds were shared. I truly looked at every single photo from the WBKR Facebook page and it truly made my day. Big or small I loved them all! I'm paw-sitive that you will too.

Brittany Ann Almon (Tucker)

In good times or in bad, they are always there with no judgement. Kissing the tears away. Giving hugs. Crawling into bed to give you comfort. So, it's time to celebrate the joy that they bring to our lives every single day.

Amy Patton (Remi)

It's time to paw-ty and celebrate some area pooches! Randomly, these photos were chosen to bring a smile to your face.

Celebrating National Dog Day Around the Tri-State

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