You've heard of hackysack, right?  And, confess it.  You know you've heard of (and likely played) Beer Pong.  Well, for today's Wacky Wednesday installment, Angel and I are combining the best of both worlds.  We're playing what we call Body Pong!  The goal is to tape Red Solo cups to your shoes, then tape other cups to various body parts.  Then, you place ping pong balls in your cups, try to launch them into the air from your feet and have them land in the other cups that are mounted to your body. LOL!  Here's how it played out today!

Last week, of course, we participated in the #DonutOnAString Challenge.  It ended up being one of our most popular Wacky Wednesday challenges ever!

Here's another recent blast from the Wacky Wednesday past.  We recently saw video of a group of friends who were trying to balance a tote full of water with their feet.  Then, one by one, members of the group would try to remove their socks while trying to keep the tote balanced.  It was hilarious and Angel and I just knew we would have to try it.  Here's what happened.

We obviously couldn't give up. I mean, we were doing SOOO well. #Sarcasm We decided to refill the tote and give it another whirl. To no one's surprise, the second attempt didn't go quite as well and Angel got drenched.

Angel and I started Wacky Wednesday a few months ago, near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The inspiration behind the series was to give families something fun and "wacky" to try together at home.  Yes, the series grew out of the COVID-19 quarantine, but it has become a staple of our morning show.

And, let's be honest.  With our youngsters virtually learning for much of the current school semester, they're going to be looking for something to break up the monotony of sitting in front of the computer.  Wacky Wednesday will do it!

So, stay tuned for more wackiness each Wednesday here on WBKR, the WBKR app, and the WBKR Facebook page.

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