Oh my goodness!  This brings back TONS of memories.  As you all know, it's been a long time since Swim City has been open at Diamond Lake Campground and Resort.  If you have camped at the park or have been there for a variety of events like the ACS Mud Run or the WBKR Camp Country Scavenger Hunt, you have likely seen remnants of the Swim City water slides.  They're still up on the hill where they always were, but they're tucked in behind weeds and trees and look way less fun and inviting than they used to.  Oh, and that staircase???

Well, I love this.  And you likely will too, especially if you spent a bunch of time at Swim City as a teenager like I did.  Diamond Lake owner Brian Smith and his daughter Amy  created a really fun video last winter that instantly brought back memories.  In their Where Are We Now? YouTube series, Brian and Amy took us back in time and asked the question, "Have you ever wondered what the water slide from old Swim City looks like now?"  If you have, take a look!

In the video you heard Brian say that he and Amy have actually walked down the slide.  Admittedly, "It's a little sketchy."

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But those slides were awesome back in the day.  I had friends from high school who were lifeguards there and we spent hours and hours at Swim City- in the lake and zooming down those slides.

What are YOUR memories of Swim City?


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