Let's start by saying I love going barefoot. But let's continue by saying that, in deference to my friends, maybe I shouldn't.

I've seen the memes that say if the bottoms of your feet look like pizza crust, don't wear flip-flops this summer. Well, if I'm going to swim, I'm going to be barefoot. Just don't look down there and we'll be good. And honestly, my friends and loved ones don't care. It's a case of mind over matter. If they mind, they don't matter; if they matter, they won't mind.

And I don't have the pizza crust thing happening and, to be perfectly honest, it's a really gross topic of conversation and I'm changing it now.

But I'm sticking with bare feet because I like to be barefoot when I'm driving in the summertime.

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If you know anything about me, you know I love a good road trip. But it will get to a point where I have to pull over and get my shoes off. I believe I drive better without them. Also, if necessary, it helps keep me alert as I can feel the vibration of the road.

But I remember something my dad told me a long time ago about driving barefoot not being legal. He always warned me that if I got pulled over for any reason and the cop learned I was barefoot, there would be an additional fine or something.

But he just didn't like the idea of me or my sister driving barefoot.

It's not illegal. At least it isn't in Kentucky.

I do, however, think I know where he got that. OakleyLawKY.com DOES mention that the practice is frowned upon in state driving manuals. But there is nothing on the books stating that driving barefoot is illegal.

And I do remember my driver's education instructor mentioning it in class when I was in high school. He said we should never do it.

But as long as he's not in the car with me on long trips, I guess I'm okay.

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