There couldn't be a more timely topic considering the past few days. Driving in the rain flat out stinks, but as it turns out, Kentuckians aren't the best but not the worst.
Owensboro Commute Times To Be Longer Next Week
FREDERICA DOWN TO ONE LANE NEXT WEEK FROM 17TH TO 24TH ST.   Frederica Street will be closed starting July 21 for two weeks for sewer repairs. Traffic will be confined to one lane in each direction on Frederica Street from 17th Street to 24th Street...
Big Changes In Indiana And Kentucky In 2011
With a new year comes new changes for our lives. Some us have New Year's resolutions in that we try to change something in our lives. Whether it finances, health, spending more time with the family or any other type of change that we plan to implement. Well, for Kentucky and Indiana a few changes have taken place that affect how people live their lives.

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