I don't typically watch HGTV, but the recent Brady Renovation series commanded my attention and it was a lot of fun.

Then we started to think about all the other famous homes on television whose facades are one thing and interiors another.

Hey, the Property Brothers, arguably the network's biggest current stars, want to renovate the Golden Girls house next, so they have the fever.

And I'm sure THAT house doesn't look on the inside like what we saw on the show, either.

Same story with the house on ABC's The Conners.

The front of the house is one thing. But the interior we see on the series doesn't match up with what's really inside the home, which happens to be in Evansville.

Now, the house is currently occupied, so this is more or less just a fun thought.

But the Brady house was also occupied before the HGTV folks made them offer they couldn't refuse and...voila...the best ratings in the network's history.

It's just a thought. Maybe I'm not alone. Maybe since the Brady Renovation series on HGTV, others are coming up with iconic TV homes that could be made over.

This could be a whole new cottage industry for HGTV.

Hey, if the Property Brothers have their way, that ball may already be rolling.


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