I've had a lot of different things show up on my doorstep but never a turkey.  One Kentucky family has a turkey who comes looking for his friend to come out and play.


The Ebelhar family lives right here in Owensboro-Daviess County.  They live in the country and like many families around here raise different livestock.  One particular animal you'll find on the farm is turkey.  There are actually 50 of them and they are treated just like family.


Scott and Jennifer's son, Luke, raised all the turkey from the time they were babies.  Luke knows everything you could possibly know about turkeys. One time they were sick with a respiratory infection, the family had to go out and buy antibiotics and Jennifer had to give them shots. All because Luke had studied their behaviors.  The family got the turkeys along with chickens because they look the same and Luke kind of just snuck them in there and then pretended not to be sure if they were turkeys. Well played kid, well played!


Luke takes really good care of them.  He feeds them, gives them snacks a few times a day, and tends to them whenever they need something.   The turkeys love blueberries and they love Luke.  Yellow (White one) & Nar (Black one) actually come knocking or should I say calling for Luke.  They'll show up on the front porch or peek in the windows and gobble loudly wanting him to come outside.  Luke's mom has to come out and tell them he isn't home if they show up when he's at school.  Take about being an animal whisperer!


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