Last Thursday on Good Morning America Garth Brooks announced he would be doing a drive-in concert at 300 drive-ins across America.  We all had our fingers crossed one of those drive-in theaters would be the Holiday Drive-In in Reo.  Well, GUESS WHAT?

We just received news from our friends at the Holiday Drive-In that they have been added to the list showing the concert.  As of this morning, they were not on the list but they messaged me tonight and told me that has changed.


The concert will take place on Saturday, June 27.

The idea came from someone suggesting he do a concert and Garth thought why not.

Tickets go on sale on June 19 and cost $100.  The ticket will allow one passenger car or SUV entry into the concert.   There is a limited amount of tickets so you will need to get yours pretty quickly.

COVID-19 guidelines will be put in place according to each state's regulations.

If you would like tickets to the show head to

What is your all-time favorite Garth song?  I would have to say I have two.  Friends In Low Places and Shameless.



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