Let me just tell right now.  My family did this last year and we're doing it again this year.  We're getting our Thanksgiving dinner from Holiday World.

Yesterday, my friend Sabrina, who works in the Marketing Department at the Santa Claus, Indiana amusement park, sent me a message to see if I would be willing to chat with a travel/food writer from Yahoo!  That particular writer is working on a feature about Plymouth Rock Cafe, which is located inside the Thanksgiving section of Holiday World.  Last year, the park, for the first time, offered full Thanksgiving dinners to-go.  Well, I went.  I hauled my happy turkey feathers over to Santa Claus and picked up my Thanksgiving haul.

I said this last year when I shared the news for the first time- but if you've ever eaten at Holiday World's Plymouth Cafe you know that they have the BEST. GREEN. BEANS. EVER.  Last year, I was really curious if they would taste the same way at my mom's house that they do in the park.  You know what?  They did!  Holiday World provided very simple heating instructions and those beans turned out nearly identical.

As soon as I found out the park was offering Thanksgiving To Go dinners again, I called my mom and told her.  I said, "What do you think?  You wanna do that again."  She said, "Absolutely."  These pilgrims are all about Thanksgiving, especially when someone else is cooking it.

Here's what's on the menu this year.  By the way, Holiday World's Thanksgiving dinner will feed eight people.

Here's what you get:

  • One 12-14 pound Turkey
    • Turkey Gravy (32oz)
    • Mashed Potatoes (3 lb)
    • Stuffing (2.5 lb)
    • Macaroni and Cheese (2.5 lb)
    • Holiday World’s Famous Green Beans (2.5 lb)
    • Cranberry Sauce (2.5 lb)
    • Yeast Rolls (1 dozen)
    • One Pumpkin Pie
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Now, if you want to (and we did), you can upgrade your meal with a couple of add-ons. You can add a Pecan Pie or HolidayWorld's famous Sweet Potato Casserol.  Or you can do what we did.  You can add both!   You can also add extra sides to guarantee if you feel like you're gonna need more than the meal comes with.

And, this is a fun incentive.  If you're a Season Pass Holder, you can actually get a FREE Pecan Pie with your order.

Holiday World's Thanksgiving To Go dinners are $174.99 and orders can be placed on Holiday World's website.  If you'd like to place your order, CLICK HERE!  Just make sure you place your order by Sunday, November 14th.

Dinners can then be picked up at the park (at the Human Resources Building) between 2pm-6pm CST Monday, November 22nd through Wednesday, November 24th.

Also, just like they did last year, Holiday World is paying it forward.  For every meal sold, Holiday World will make a donation to will Tri-State Food Bank to help feed families in need this holiday season.

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